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    We are an innovative company in the automotive industry with a strong background in data and technology and the largest dealer of pre-owned cars in Central and Eastern Europe with a 30-year history.

    The Group sells pre-owned cars through the following key brands; Mototechna, AAA AUTO, AUTO DISKONT and, most recently, Driverama, an e-commerce platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars in Western Europe. The Group’s fifth brand is RESULMATIC, a proprietary software for better sourcing and selling used cars.

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One-click car buying? No problem from February

AuresLab to launch the first e-shop selling used cars in the Czech Republic

Prague, 1 February 2019 – A unique service in the form of car purchases over the internet will be launched from February by the AuresLab innovation laboratory for the Mototechna nearly-new car dealer. Potential buyers can choose a used car from the comfort of their home or office and in two days’ time it can dropped off at their front door. AuresLab therefore marks the end of its first year in operation with another innovative project, which is what the AURES Holdings group established the laboratory for last year.

“In the Czech Republic this is a first, as nobody else offers a comparable service in our field,” said Stanislav Gálik, Chief Executive Officer of AuresLab on the first anniversary of the company’s founding. Over the web application, potential buyers can choose from more than 350 cars in the Mototechna range that are no more than two years old and still have their manufacturer’s warrantee.

“AURES Holdings, with annual sales of 83,000 cars in Central Europe, is a trend-setter on the used car market, so I am delighted that we are bringing something new to the market through AuresLab that has never been seen before in the Czech Republic. Mototechna’s range, which currently includes a total of 1,500 nearly-new cars, is ideal for this type of business,” said Karolína Topolová, AURES Holdings Chief Executive Officer.

At the Mototechna website, customers can select the car they like best from the range. In the first stage of a purchase, the customer completes an online order to rent the car for one month with an option to purchase, so the car can be tried out first. A monthly leasing fee is paid along with a returnable deposit and within 48 hours the selected car will be parked at the requested address. If the car suits, the customer then pays the remainder of the price, from which the leasing fee already paid is deducted.

“Our experience shows that 90% of customers given the opportunity to try out a car through our Try&Buy service then bought it. The rest mostly chose a different engine or accessories,” explained Gálik. The aim of the e-shop is, he added, is to save customers not only time, but also the money they would have to spend getting to a dealership.

The launch of this AuresLab service follows on from developments in 2018, when it produced a number of breakthrough innovations for AURES Holdings group brands. A lot of interest was generated in the Czech Republic and abroad by the AuresApps data applications, which were purchased by some of the largest second-hand car dealers in Russia and South Africa. These applications use data analysis to enable dealers to dynamically value cars or adapt their vehicle inventories to customer needs.

In the field of services, sales of Mototechna Classic investment cars proved very successful, with more than 50 veteran cars of various brands sold since launching. AuresLab also developed nearly-new car rental outlets for Mototechna under the brand name Drive and a section for cars with alternative power sources called EcoDrive.

In 2018, the Fleet Hero service came into operation, offering something between a rental outlet and an operational leasing service, enabling companies to flexibly build or supplement their fleets.

“I trust that 2019 will carry on from our very successful achievements last year and that the innovations from AuresLab will maintain the entire holding company’s position at the top of its field and continue changing the shape of the car business even beyond the borders of the Czech Republic,” concluded Gálik.

About AuresLab:

The AuresLab innovation laboratory acts as an umbrella organisation for AURES Holdings’ innovative projects. AuresLab’s chief executive officer is Stanislav Gálik, who formerly held the position of advisor for innovation at Česká spořitelna. He is an experienced manager in the field of start-up projects and innovation and in the past he established and then successfully sold the Galard fashion brand and co-founded the Unifer innovation centre. More information at www.aureslab.com.


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