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    We are an innovative company in the automotive industry with a strong background in data and technology and the largest dealer of pre-owned cars in Central and Eastern Europe with a 30-year history.

    The Group sells pre-owned cars through the following key brands; Mototechna, AAA AUTO, AUTO DISKONT and, most recently, Driverama, an e-commerce platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars in Western Europe. The Group’s fifth brand is RESULMATIC, a proprietary software for better sourcing and selling used cars.

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Mototechna launches innovative car hire service under the name Mototechna Drive

Initial offer of 250 new vehicles for hire with full warranty to rise rapidly

Prague, 4 June 2018 – The Mototechna brand from the AURES Holdings group has launched a new car hire service in the Czech Republic under the name of Mototechna Drive. The company has thus added another segment to its range of business activities under its product and service innovations programme. The 250 vehicles for hire include electric cars.

“We have become one of the biggest buyers of new cars in the Czech Republic, using these cars for our company fleet or for our collaboration with the football league. Our AURESLAB innovation laboratory continues to seek new opportunities to leverage our position on the market and a car hire service is a logical step in this direction. As well as monetising new cars, this is another source of nearly new used cars for Mototechna,“ said Karolína Topolová, Managing Director of the AURES Holdings group, which operates Mototechna Drive.

The car hire service was created with input from the AURESLAB innovation laboratory, which has also played a role in other innovations within the AURES Holdings group. “Our task is to respond to the market and social trends so that we can offer customers exactly the service they require. People increasingly prefer to hire items and don’t wish to be bound by ownership. The car hire service is a very important strategic step for us in development of our product portfolio,“ AuresLab Executive Director Stanislav Gálik stated.

Mototechna Drive expects that its customers will include people and companies who are not looking to own their cars. Various companies have focused on a similar target group in recent years by offering 12-month operating leases. It has become clear, however, that this is not a viable business model. There was no interest in the vehicles after they were discarded from the programme and their value fell considerably. “Our advantage is that we are also capable of selling the cars, not just buying them. This is why we believe that we will be successful in this segment,“ Karolína Topolová added.

The range offered by Mototechna Drive basically corresponds to the range offered by Mototechna. “We currently have 250 vehicles of seven marques available. We are building on the fact that practically no one is offering cars for hire over periods of six to twelve months. Customers started to appear as soon as we put the service into trial operation, which is why we assume that we will rapidly increase the number of vehicles offered for hire after we officially launch, supported by a marketing campaign. We expect to launch identical operations in Slovakia and in Poland in 2019. The strategic focus of Mototechna Drive is also to expand the range of products to include operating leases or car sharing, for example.“ Mototechna Drive Company Director Jaroslav Laur stated.

Thanks to the wide range of vehicles on offer, Mototechna Drive can offer monthly hire prices from CZK 5,000. “For this price you can drive a Kia Rio. Then there are deluxe vehicles at the other end of the scale, such as the BMW X6 for CZK 35,000 a month. We are also currently one of the few companies offering electric cars for hire, in the form of the BMW i3 and e-Golf models, and we will be  adding the Nissan Leaf in the near future,“ said Laur. The customers are currently mainly self-employed individuals and smaller companies hiring up to five vehicles at once, as well as large international companies.

"We have been working with the Mototechna brand for several years, mostly in relation to the purchasing of new cars for our fleet, with vehicles replaced at regular intervals. We are particularly satisfied with the affordable prices and the individual approach, which is always professional, very helpful and willing to deal with non-standard requirements. We believe things will continue in the same spirit in the long-term,“ reports Lenka Čermáková, Purchasing Manager for CEFC Group (Europe). True Trac Company Director Lukáš Šmíro also rates the service positively: “I wanted to thank you for your excellent services. Hiring a car from Mototechna Drive suits me very well. The words “Individual approach” add up to more than just an empty phrase here, they reflect an actual fact. I like the “short-term car hire and regular replacement with a new car” option, the service works well and always comes with a smile. There are no hidden risks or costs, and everything turns out as arranged and signed for at the beginning.“

The range offered by Mototechna is available on the website at https://www.mototechna.cz/pronajem-vozu


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