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    We are an innovative company in the automotive industry with a strong background in data and technology and the largest dealer of pre-owned cars in Central and Eastern Europe with a 30-year history.

    The Group sells pre-owned cars through the following key brands; Mototechna, AAA AUTO, AUTO DISKONT and, most recently, Driverama, an e-commerce platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars in Western Europe. The Group’s fifth brand is RESULMATIC, a proprietary software for better sourcing and selling used cars.

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Press releases


In the first quarter of the year AURES Holdings sold in AAA AUTO record number of cars in 30 years

Prague, 4th of May 2022 – AURES Holdings in its car centres AAA AUTO, Mototechna and Auto Diskont in the first quarter of the year 2022 sold the highest number of vehicles in a quarter of a year in its 30 years history, altogether 21 787 cars. To this positive outcome contributed besides the countries, where the company has operated long-term, the new company Driverama as well, which already has 11 branches in Germany. The group significantly expanded its ECG activities.

„In the group in the first quarter of the year we sold on average daily 245 vehicles. In the first three months thanks to it we sold 21787 cars, what is a record high for the first quarter of the year during the whole existence of the company. In Czech Republic 12 033 cars, in Poland 4 924, in Slovak Republic 4 544 and in Driverama, which started the sale in February, 286," says Karolína Topolová, the General Director and the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of AURES Holdings. The situation on the market of used cars in her opinion complicate also other factors, which lead to deficiency of cars.„On the market there is insufficient amount of new cars, due to the problems with their production, which worsened due to the war in Ukraine. That as a result led to a higher demand for used cars and contributed to a long-term rise of their price appr. 15% yearly in the last two years. This trend probably will continue and its easing is unpredictable.,“ added Topolová.

Nowadays in the development of the company is the so- called Cross-Border trading an important direction. „With the help of our advanced algorithms we carry out with every sold car arbitrage between individual markets. Either then the vehicles are re-allocated to a different market when they are sold or are offered on more markets simultaneously, depends on what strong potential of the concrete car we see on other markets. Thanks to it we can offer at one place more than 12 000 verified cars for sale either it’s Czech Republic, Poland or Slovak Republic,“ stated the Operational Director of AURES Holdings Petr Vaněček.

The biggest development was recorded in the company Driverama, which was founded for online business with used cars in West Europe. After less than one year from the start of its operation Driverama had 11 retail branches in Germany and worked in it 160 people. In the offer of Driverama are more than 1000 cars. „from the beginning of trading last year in spring Driverama sold more than 2800 vehicles. In 4 months of the year 2022 from January to April more than 1600 cars. Momentarily sells more than 500 vehicles monthly. Sold more than 2 600 vehicles, from it more than 600 through its German distributional branches and home deliveries“, said the General Director of the company Driverama Stanislav Gálik.

The group regards to its ESG activities in the first three months of the year first of all dealt with help for Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine personally touched me very much and I was very pleased by the immediate reaction of my colleagues from Poland and Slovak Republic for helping at the borders. We sent to the accounts of nonprofit organizations for example Člověk v tísni, as support for Ukraine was sent nearly 4 000 000 Czech crowns with the help of our employees as well. Every day we send to Ukraine on average 800 medicine boxes. In the Czech and Slovak branches we prepared accomodation for Ukranian mums with their children, which were basically immediately full. We lended to non profit organizations tens of cars for transportation of Ukrainian families to a safe place. 200 employees joined these activities. We organized in the firm collection of food, drugstore goods and children’s toys in Czech and Slovak Republic, the profit approximately in a week time will be forwarded to a Slovak organization Kdo pomůže Ukrajině,“ said Topolová. Regards to the further development of ESG activities the group in cooperation with Slovak ÚAMK iniciated the establishment and start of Dětská dopravní nadace in Slovakia. „We have been supporting Dětská dopravní nadace. I’m glad, that we found in Slovak Republic ÚAMK as a partner, which helped us with the foundation of it and the start. I hope, that we will succeed fast with the provision of help for particular children of victims of traffic accidents, so as we do it every year in the inland,“ finished Topolová. In Czech Republic the Foundation already granted nearly 900 applications and supported the kids with sum over 15 million Czech crowns. It supports children, which lost one or both parents in a traffic accident throughout the entire duration of the study, means until the age of 25.


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