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    We are an innovative company in the automotive industry with a strong background in data and technology and the largest dealer of pre-owned cars in Central and Eastern Europe with a 30-year history.

    The Group sells pre-owned cars through the following key brands; Mototechna, AAA AUTO, AUTO DISKONT and, most recently, Driverama, an e-commerce platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars in Western Europe. The Group’s fifth brand is RESULMATIC, a proprietary software for better sourcing and selling used cars.

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Driverama's sales exceed one billion CZK in its first year on the market

Driverama from the AURES Holdings group has now been operating in Western Europe for one year. It launched retail sales in Germany eight months after starting up its purchasing infrastructure in the country. At present, Driverama has over 1,100 thoroughly checked used cars on offer, which come with a 15-day full money-back guarantee. At present, Driverama has 12 branches in Germany, where it now employs over 150 people.  Based on 1,400 authentic reviews on Trustpilot, Driverama is the top-rated car dealer in Germany. Driverama was established by the AURES Holdings group as a company trading in used cars in Western Europe.

"Driverama has purchased more than 4,000 cars to date. Out of these, 32% were sold on the German market and the remaining 68% through other companies from the AURES Holdings group on the Czech, Polish and Slovak markets. Currently, we are offering over 1,100 cars of various makes and models with an average age of less than 4 years," reports Driverama CEO Stan Gálik. "In the future we aim to focus more intensively on selling vehicles powered by alternative fuels, including both hybrids and fully electric models. Our main partner is developing its service infrastructure for the diagnosis and repair of fully electric and hybrid vehicles, which are far more common in the West, but interest in these cars is also gradually increasing in Central Europe," adds Gálik.

The public face of Driverama this year has been that of German actor Erdoğan Atalay, who is known mainly for his starring role as Semir Gerkhan in the popular RTL television series "Kobra 11". "The German series has touched the lives of many people. The effort to make the world a better place and to fight against stolen car dealers, thieves and racketeers is the motto of the series and in a similar spirit we at Driverama seek to oppose negative figures in the industry and to change the market in used cars to make the whole sector more transparent and fairer. That's why Erdoğan is an excellent fit for our marketing strategy," explains Stanislav Gálik, speaking highly of the collaboration to date. Driverama has proof of its high standards on Trustpilot, where customers have long given it the highest score of five stars, making it the top-rated car dealer on the market, with a final rating of 4.9 on the five-point scale. The company achieved turnover of more than 1 billion crowns during its first year of operations.

Driverama has also been using some very innovative marketing tools in its non-stop growth. This year, for example, they had a unique towing vehicle built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter V6 chassis with AMG's "Matchbox delivery truck" package, evoking the box of a Matchbox toy car. It is 8.6 meters long, 3.3 meters high and 2.3 meters wide, and any regular car can fit into it, including, for example, the Mercedes G-Class and other large SUVs. The entire superstructure has been copied to the tiniest detail. The icing on the cake is the imitation of the box up on a shelf and the night-time illumination of the entire superstructure. "Every little boy dreams of having his own collection of Matchbox, Bburago or other toy cars. Most boys never lose their love for toy cars even in adulthood. That's why we created a life-size Matchbox box, which brings childhood dreams alive for customers from the Berlin area," remarks Stan Gálik on the reasons for its creation.

According to the figures from Driverama, 66% of the vehicles it sells have manual transmission, while 34% are automatics. Petrol vehicles make up 63% and 34% are diesels, while vehicles with alternative types of fuel currently account for just three percent. The top-selling car is the Volkswagen Golf, which last year accounted for 6% of sales, followed by the Volkswagen Tiguan with 3.5% and in third place the Ford Kuga with 3.1%. The Czech-made Škoda Octavia also featured in the TOP 10, taking 5th place.

Driverama is a technology company that deals in used cars in Europe. It is a brand, a concept and a business entity launched and developed by the AURES Holdings group. It combines the best features from all the used-car trading channels – the know-how and physical infrastructure of the AURES Holdings group together with their long-established and unique experience in data collection and analysis, machine learning tools, artificial intelligence and in-house algorithms for purchasing and sales.


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